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What is art? Traditionally art refers to any skill or mastery. Generally, art is a product of human activity with the intention of stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind.

Art encapsulates many genres, including painting, sculpture, photography - and beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

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    UK suppliers of artist brushes, easels, oil and watercolour paints and art paper etc

There are many famous art galleries throughout the world, The Louvre, home of La Gioconda (The Mona Lisa), the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York and not forgetting our own fine galleries here in the UK, The Tate, Tate Modern and of course, The National Gallery.

The UK has produced a plethora of well-known artists such as: John Constable, best known for his views of the Suffolk countryside, including The Hay Wain and Flatford Mill; George Stubbs, a Liverpudlian famous for his paintings of horses; L S Lowry, born in Manchester and known for his paintings of life in the industrial areas of northern England and Turner, commonly known as “the painter of light” - a master of watercolour landscapes.

The Royal Academy of Arts in London is an independent institution, led by distinguished artists and architects whose purpose is to promote the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions, education and debate.

Within you will find links to UK art galleries, art shops and art holidays – please take your time to browse our site and enjoy the many variations of form encompassed by the word “art”.

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