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Artist Supplies

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Artist Supplies

One of the most important items in an artist`s life is an easel. This is an upright support, most often a tripod design on three legs, used for hanging or displaying something resting upon it.

There are three common uses for easels:

  • Studio Easel: mainly for use in an artist`s studio with limited need for portability
  • Field Easel: these are portable with telescopic or collapsible legs and are used for work in the open
  • Display Easel: used for the display of finished works, these can vary in size and sturdiness dependent upon the finished work of art to be displayed.

Studio EaselField EaselDisplay Easel

Another item of importance to an artist is the palette. This may be made of wood, glass, plastic or ceramic and is used by a painter to mix colour pigments.

Probably the most important tool for an artist is the brush. Short handled brushes are used for watercolours with long handled brushes mostly used for oil or acrylic paint. There are commonly eight different brush tips, each having a different usage in the painting world.

Rosemary & Co

Quality brushes made from sable, badger, goat hair, nylon or mongoose can be purchased from suppliers such as Rosemary & Co. located in Keighley, West Yorkshire

Atlantis Art

Atlantis Art

Another supplier of quality art materials is Atlantis Art in the City of London, renowned as suppliers of quality products to some of London’s leading artists.

Wherever you live there will be a supplier of art materials near you and many artist`s shops will have an online presence and be able to ship items to you nationwide.

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